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Our 3D Modeling Process

01. Bring your 2D Idea


Bring your 2D Ideas, they could be 2D sketches, doodles on tissue papers and our Digital Designers will help convert it into a 3D Model

02. Build your 3D Model

Alt Innovate - 3D Printing

Our Digital Designers will convert your 2D Sketches into 3-Dimensional objects which
can be visualised in a 3D environment

03. Print your 3D Model


Additionally, get your 3-Dimensional object 3D Printed and take home a 3D Prototype of your idea. Our in-house 3D Printing service provides you with a seamless solution to go from 2D Ideas to 3D realistic objects in very little time.

*Additionally, we also help repair your 3D Model and make them ready for 3D Printing.

From 2D Explorationto 3D Visualisation

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